Add A Second Monitor

Computer Sense Seacoast NH
Computer Sense Seacoast NH
SIIG USB Monitor Adapter

Lets face it, more is always better, especially when it comes to screen space.  By having two ore even more monitors you can spread out your work.  Take me for example, if I am working on a website like my Computer Sense website I like to have the website open to watch the changes as well as the back end window of the website that I am making the changes.  Furthermore I might have my e-mail open and a folder or two that has files that I need for the website I am working on.

In the past if you wanted to use two or more monitors you had to buy an expensive video card and have it installed for each new monitor.  well those days are gone.

Now all you need is an inexpensive USB adapter that plugs right into your desktop or laptop.  This USB device then plugs into the cable going to your second or third monitor.  Install a little bit of software, reboot your computer and wow multiple monitors.

How About Three

I actually use three monitors now and this just gives me even more desktop space to spread things out.   All it takes is a second USB device and another monitor.

Lets Talk Monitors

It is important that whenever possible you use the same make and size monitors.  This will help them match up make the moving of documents or webpages seamless for you.  Lets face it though this will be difficult if you are using a laptop.  In this cans you could close the laptop lid and use two regular monitors with the laptop.

SIIG USB2.0 to VGA Adapter

I use a small device made by SIIG.  This little guy is smaller than a cell phone.  You plug the USB end into your computer and the VGA end into your monitor.   The link above will take you to Newegg where I buy most of my computer parts.

Computer Sense Seacoast NH
SIIG USB2.0 to VGA Pro