Computer Sense Services

Computer Sense Services

System Tune-up

Test each desktop or laptop system and tune for better performance and reliability.

    1. Workstation tune-up
    2. Check for viruses and set up automatic virus protection
    3. System software upgrades
    4. Productivity software upgrades
    5. Hardware upgrades
    6. New systems selection
    7. Multiple video monitor deployment

Critical Data Backup and Recovery

Identify and protect critical data and develop a system of backup and recovery.

    1. Backup protocol
    2. Isolate critical data
    3. Map data and software
    4. Evaluate off site catastrophe backup systems


Protect your system against intrusion by viruses and hackers.

    1. Automate virus software updates
    2. Block Internet spy attempts
    3. Firewall issues

Web Issues

Enhance your Web presence with a company domain and mail system.

    1. Company domain name registration
    2. Company e-mail system
    3. Create a Web site
    4. Evaluate existing company Web site
    5. E-commerce issues